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The Math Department offers all levels of math from 10-3 to Calculus AP. Students have many avenues they can choose in their learning journey in mathematics:

  • Students can work at their own pace. They can choose to not attend seminars, attend all encompassing review seminars or follow a structured seminar series

  • Students are provided learning guides on top of their textbooks that provide a break down of each concept

  • Students have the opportunity to review every assessment individually and/or with their classmates in large group assessment reviews that are scheduled

  • Students have the potential for reassessment after they review their assessments

  • Students can access one on one support from teachers at any time during the school day in math resource

  • Students can work collaboratively with their classmates in group areas throughout the building

  • Students have the opportunity to participate in math competitions through the AP program

  • Students have the opportunity to participate in the Math 15/10C program that scaffolds Math 9 into Math 10; easing the transition into high school. This program runs all year. Students can choose to participate in the Math 10 program as a year long plan or the combined Math 15/10C for 10 credits


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