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The science program at BCHS offers the learner a wide variety of courses and classes including advanced placement for biology, chemistry and physics.  The science department has passionate and energetic teachers, that love teaching science and creating a culture of science within the building.

As a student at BCHS, you will experience exciting hands on labs, informative seminars and friendly teachers that are always happy to help and guide learning within the school.


The BCHS science department also has many enriching activities that go beyond the walls of the school.  The biology department does an annual trip to the western coast of Vancouver Island to the Bamfield Marine Science Center.  Students will learn about the marine ecosystem of the Pacific Ocean, complete hands on labs and experience excursions discovering the amazing wildlife Vancouver Island has to offer..


The “Students on the Beamline” team offers an amazing experience to students who want to research and ask questions!  These students travel to Saskatoon and perform an experiment on the Canadian beam line / synchrotron (Canada’s very own particle accelerator).  Students participating in this program, work with scientists to answer a problem or question they have, and complete a full analysis of the questions using the scientific method.

Did you Know:  The science department at BCHS organized an international science trip to Iceland in the 2018/2019 school year.  Students experienced an exciting adventure learning all things science Iceland has to offer, including the famous Blue Lagoon, Thermal Generation Power Plant, and the power if Volcanoes just to name a few!!

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